Audrey Schlachter

I first attempted yoga one night with my sister, who saw it on-demand and thought it would be interesting to try. Neither of us could do much of anything but we gave it a good shot! Not long after, she and my mom decided to try a studio and stumbled upon World’s Yoga. After hearing their stories of funny poses and a great workout, I tried my first class. I struggled but loved it. When I moved down to SLO for college I started looking at the gym as a way to reduce stress, and the only group class that fit was a Hath Yoga class. After months of taking this class, I noticed a huge change in my stress levels on weeks I went frequently versus those I did not. And as the saying goes, yoga is cheaper than therapy, so I stuck with it throughout college. Coming back to the bay, I was excited to keep my practice up and have found myself falling in love with the practice and the community at Worlds! Come say hello to Audrey at the Front Desk where she works it as Membership Advisor!