Barry Au-Yeung

Barry Au-Yeung is an established software professional in Silicon Valley. He was born in Hong Kong, studied in London, and now permanently work and live in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves the people and the weather here at the bay.

He started his yogic journey in his early 40s. His body was not flexible and he had lots of bad habits such as smoking. After a few life changing events, he turned his focus on learning more about yoga and related subjects. The practice made him stopped many bad habits, his mind is stronger and his body is more flexible. The mental and physical benefits of frequent yoga practice are clear.

In order to elevate his practice, he decided to become a certified yoga teacher. He completed his 200 hours teacher training from Equinox/Pure Yoga teacher training in 2011. Teaching yoga has become part of his yogic journey. He believes his unique background can touch many people coming to his yoga classes thus spread the benefits of yoga. Many people out there will love to see the benefits and changes from a teacher who shares similar background.

He is passionate, fun, and love to communicate. His goal in teaching yoga is to transform one student at a time – “transform yourself, then transform the people around you and the world…”