Caroline Sanchez

Caroline Sanchez has been practicing yoga since 2009 and graduated in December 2014 from the very first World’s Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Program lead by the talented Becky Center. She teaches a slightly heated Vinyasa Flow class, accompanied by music, with a focus on proper alignment. At first, Caroline was drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, but quickly found out that the mental benefits greatly outweighed looking good in her skinny jeans! Overtime, yoga has helped her to remain present while spending time with her husband and three children, and to find joy in what was once the mundane life of a bored housewife. She now savors those very moments that she used to wish she could “fast-forward” through. Yoga has also helped Caroline cope with feelings of anxiety, depression and stresses that come along with raising a family and working full-time. What’s more, her experience as a school teacher shines through in the studio, as she gently and patiently encourages her students through their practice. One of her students recently said, “She had a soothing voice and she made yoga not scary.” She loves working with all levels and firmly believes that yoga is for EveryBody!