Kimberly Ky

The journey started in 2010 in a gym, out of curiosity. Making the different shapes of the poses felt deeply familiar and satisfying. I was sore in places I didn’t know existed! The relationship didn’t take off until a couple years later in 2013. As I was struggling with loss and self-doubt, my mat became only refuge. The wisdom of the practice flowed through me, connecting me to my own inner teacher. What ever I was in the moment, I could face on my mat, with complete self-acceptance. The practice began to give me clarity and profound self-love, which broke down the barriers that kept me from wholeness. Experiencing those strides of physical, mental, and emotional breakthrough made it evident that yoga was the medicine I had always needed.
I am a yoga teacher, committed to sharing the gift of yoga from personal experience. I value vulnerability, authenticity, and creativity. Using these elements, I cultivate safe spaces in which others can release emotion and tension trapped in the body. It is my goal to strengthen the foundation of the practice, while safely leading students into their fullest potential of the posture.
In 2014, I received my 200 hour “Lotus Flow” Vinyasa certification from Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, under the instruction of Jasmine Tarkeshi. Currently, I am studying under Sparkle Thornton.
Ultimately, I practice and teach yoga in order to love with more volume.