Mhairi Scallion-Santera

Mhairi just started teaching Vinyasa Yoga in 2015. She started her yoga journey back in 2000 with Brikram yoga. Practicing off and on she engaged herself in other activities, such as hiking, Mt bike riding and skiing but yoga for her had something different to provide. Mhairi was inspired by Yoga because the practice elevated her life spiritually and consciously. Bringing a sense of beautiful inner peace, self-awareness, and tranquility in order to keep a balanced life between raising kids and working full time in a high volume job. Mhairi has overcome PTSD and anxiety through yoga practice and meditation. Mhairi decided to dive herself back into yoga in 2013 and completed her 200 hour YTT through World Yoga in 2015. Mhairi teaches a Vinyasa Flow with a creative eclectic taste in music and spiritual empowerment. She wants to help others achieve that magic connection between breath and posture.