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Worlds Yoga offers a comprehensive range of traditional yoga styles and a new and innovative style of yoga that enables yoga practitioners at all levels to build a strong foundation for life-long wellness grounded in the ancient tradition of Yoga.

We address four dimensions of yoga to maximize its benefits of yoga practices and to make the yogic journey of our students most enjoyable. These dimensions are:

  • Breadth: A comprehensive range of classes that include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and Hot yoga
  • Depth: Easy and simple, beginner, intermediate, and challenging
  • Continuity: In addition to individual classes we offer programs that consist of a collection of interrelated classes over a period of time aimed at achieving specific objectives or a specific group of students.
  • Impact: Practices focused on increasing flexibility, enhancing strength, improving balance, correcting misalignments, and breathing.

We do not believe in focusing on one type of yoga (such as Bikram Yoga); we believe that all styles of yoga are beneficial and that actually a student requires study in many different disciplines to understand his/her yoga practice more fully. It has been proven that repeating the same poses and exercises over a long period of time makes the body to adopt and automate and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Also, repeating the same poses and exercises increases the chance of injuries.

We believe in traditional methods of yoga practice as a way to achieve strength, flexibility & balance which leads to physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  Worlds Yoga Curriculum supports beginners and new to yoga students as we teach with fundamental building blocks of a yoga practice. Practiced with proper alignment, yoga can address various physical needs, and go beyond what is possible with typical exercise programs because yoga augments physical practice with breathing and unification of mind and body.

Worlds yoga offers classes based on the following traditional styles of yoga.


Ashtanga is based on the traditional 8 limb of yoga. It includes sequences referred to as Primary Series, 2nd Series, and 3rd Series, as taught by Pattabhi Jois.  The Ashtanga practice includes flowing sequence of postures that utilizes ujjayi breath, bandhas (energy locks), and dristi (gaze/mental focus) to increase strength, flexibility, awareness, and to awaken core energies to help facilitate deeper states of meditation. The class will begin with salutations and the primary series standing flow, and will continue with postures from the 2nd or 3rd series. Variations, modifications, and props will be offered as needed. Maybe practiced in heated or non heated room.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga focuses on mindful practice of basic yoga poses, alignment, and coordination of movement with breathing. It teaches students to be aware of and connect to the breath throughout the practice. It is a calm and meditative practice and provides an opportunity to slow down the mind and build natural internal heat. Gentle yoga is a great class for beginners, experienced practitioners. Gentle Yoga practitioners receive all the benefits of a complete yoga practice. Gentle Yoga is practiced at room temperature.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a widely practiced traditional style of yoga. Hatha Yoga uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the practitioner. Hatha classes are for all levels including beginners. Hatha is practiced in room temperature.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow takes classical Hatha and incorporates Vinyasa sequencing to increase mobility in the spine, hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings. This class teaches traditional poses with modern vibe with the goal of reaching the state of yoga, i.e., joining the mind and body through the practice of breathing and postures. Maybe practiced in room temperature, or room heated to 90°F.

Hot Stone Restorative

Restorative yoga is a very gentle inward practice where the body is placed in postures that are supported with props while the mind is invited to slow down and watch the breath.  As the body begins to unwind and let go, a hot stone is placed on the body to encourage further relaxation and healing.  This practice is a wonderful compliment to other styles of yoga, exercise, athletic training and busy lifestyles.  Hot Stone Restorative Yoga is a great fit for almost anyone and is an antidote for stress, anxiety and fatigue. It soothes the nervous system, restores balance within the body’s systems, promotes deep relaxation and supports our natural healing process.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a rigorous yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing, and sweating. Incorporating the fluidity of Vinyasa, Power Yoga focuses the attention on building core strength, standing posture and a one pointed gaze. Includes Vinyasa flow with Sun Salutations, arm balances, long standing postures and creative sequencing.  Modifications will always be offered, encouraging each practitioner to move into the postures to their own degree of practice, making this class great for the seasoned practitioner and those who are ready for a challenge. Power yoga will strengthen and define each and every muscle in your body. Room is heated to 90°F.


Vinyasa refers to the flowing transition between yoga postures. A vinyasa class is characterized by synchronizing movement with breath to create a meditative state of mind while heating and opening the body deeply. Some Vinyasa classes are heated and others are at room temperature. It provides sequencing that fluently bridges one posture to the next. Through deep concentration based in breath awareness, students find increased endurance, flexibility, circulation and strength. Vinyasa focuses on one breath per movement, building and engaging your core strength to support you in flow with sun salutations, standing postures, balancing, core, and inversions. Room is heated to 90°F.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced, meditative practice in which poses are held for 2-5 minutes.  Yin allows time for the practitioner to look inside, observe, and to feel the mind and body unwind and relax.  Muscles remain passive in this practice.  Applying a slow and steady load lengthens and strengthens the connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Yin Yoga promotes joint mobility and flexibility especially in the hips and lower spine. Yin yoga is suitable for both the practitioner who thrives on high energy classes and the practitioner who is looking for a restorative yoga class. Postures in Yin do not require strain or struggle.  Students focus on breathing naturally and leave class feeling relaxed yet energized. Yin is practiced at room temperature.